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Supplies for Sale!
Small Box16 x 12.75 x 12.75Books, CD’s, Tools, Video Tapes, Canned Goods, Small heavy objects
Medium Box18 x 18 x 18Kitchen Utensils, Miscellaneous Items
Easy for one person to carry
Large Box24 x 18 x 18Pots, Pans, Toys, Medium Lamps, Shades
Larger, bulky objects
X-Large Box22 x 22 x 22Toys, Tupperware, Coats, Blankets
Lightweight items
Electronics, VCR Box24 x 24 x 20VCR, Electronics, Stereo Components
Just the right size
Dish Pack18 x 18 x 28China, Glassware, Large lamps
Double-walled box
Wardrobe Box24 x 20.5 x 28Tall Lamps, Coats, Clothing
Heavy, double-walled
Legal Box15 x 12 x 10Papers, Tax Returns, Files, Photo Albums Handholds, double-walled
Bubble Wrap12 x 24 sheetSafeguard heirlooms, dishes, portraits
Inexpensive protection
Newsprint10# boxWrap valuables, breakables, flatware
No ink, no mess
Plastic CoversFor chairs, beds, sofas, tablesKeep the dust away
LocksAll sizesTrucks, Units, Bicycles
A dispenser makes packaging a lot easier
Trailer Guards

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